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Organization Tips for Every Room

May 28, 2020 — 6 min read

Sometimes, no matter how much you clean and pick-up, you just can't keep your home organized. We get it. Toss out those unhelpful labels and check out these useful organization tricks that could work in any room.


Minimize Your Herbs & Spices

These bottles and jars take up more space than you think. A great way to avoid cabinet clutter (and buying the same spice over and over again) is to turn your jars into a display! We love the idea of magnetic jars underneath an overhead cabinet or above the stove. Find more inspiration here.

Utilize Lid Racks

We all know how annoying it is to lose a pot lid or Tupperware lid. Utilizing lid racks on your cabinet doors will help you manage the clutter with ease! (Make sure that you're still able to close the doors, even after you've stored the lids.)

Don't Store Overstock in the Kitchen

If you like to purchase kitchen items in bulk, find somewhere else to store the items until you're ready to use them. Consider a closet or storage space, instead. This way, you'll have room for the things you need right now, and you won't be pushing past 20 paper towel rolls and cleaning supplies to reach the potatoes.

Utilize All Spaces

Just like the example with the lids inside the cabinet doors, you can also do this with other utensils and kitchen products. Or take a space on the kitchen wall and hang your utensils there! You can free up drawer space and make a creative display like in the picture above.

Compartmentalize the Fridge

Typically, when you think about kitchen organization, you don't hear much about the fridge or freezer spaces. However, the fridge is likely one of the most cluttered areas of your kitchen! It's easy for last week's fruit and previous month's leftovers to slowly get pushed further and further back.

Well, push back no more! Consider using glass Tupperware to easily see what's stored in your containers and plastic bins to keep shelf items organized.

Living Room

Optimize Pet Spaces

We recently featured this awesome project in a blog about beneficial home projects, and we think it fits here, too! By optimizing your pet spaces, you can create an area that still works for your pet, but also works with the room. Store pet toys and food in baskets or bins on top of the cage.

Move Your Pictures Up

It's easy to get attached to pictures. But before you know it, your shelves and counters are often littered with frames and images. If you're looking to free up some surface space, consider large wall collages or digital photo frames that rotate through multiple images at a time.

Ditch the Plastic Cases

Movies are easy to find and hard to get rid of. If you like to keep a few (hundred) movies around for entertaining guests or cozy nights in, store the discs in a CD case rather than finding storage space for the bulky plastic cases. Or consider storing multiple movies in colored sleeves inside small storage boxes.

Get Creative with Seating

One of the best things about getting organized is the dual potential of an item. For example, we love these storage benches that double as comfy seating. Keep items like books or movies on the inside and toss a blanket on the outside for a multipurpose organizational win.


Contain Loose Toys

If you've got little ones at home, you know the chaos of bath time. Make your nightly routine one step easier (and your bathroom just a little bit cleaner) with a mesh bag that hangs on the shower walls or repurpose an old plastic laundry basket to contain the tub toys. Your space will feel more organized, and you won't step on any more rubber ducks than you have to.

Use Matching Containers

Sometimes the trick to organization is all about the illusion of cleanliness. There's no getting around all the products you need to shower. However, you can use matching plastic bottles to give the illusion of less mess.

Display Your Items

Who said everything has to be stored away? Consider displaying useful items with open shelving and glass jars. You'll create a sense of decoration without losing precious cabinet space.

Throw Out Expired Products

Before you spend time and money finding helpful ways to organize your bathroom area, start with getting rid of expired products. Most make-up, lotions, and some soaps have expiration dates--no need to keep old items around just to take up space.

Laundry Room

Multiple Baskets

This is one of the best laundry tips we've seen in a while! Instead of sorting by darks and lights, sort by person, activity, or item. For example, if you have three sons that play football, you don't want those mud stains mixing with a light work shirt. Keep your baskets separated and your laundry simple. (Stacking baskets is the key to space optimization here.)

Designate a Lost Items Space

How can 12 socks go into the washer, but only seven leave the dryer? (One of life's greatest mysteries.) If you've got a problem with random dryer items cluttering your space, have a small container specifically for lost socks, coins, and other pocket items that add up over time.

Hang Cleaning Tools

Somehow the laundry room ends up being the cleaning/storage/shoe/backpack/purse spot in all homes. To start, remove all items that don't belong in this room. Next, clear up your floor space by hanging your items like brooms and mops! This will create more floor area and keep tools organized.

Use Glass Jars

This tip works for any room of the house, but for areas like your laundry room, this is a helpful way to save storage space. When you use glass containers, you know exactly how much product you have left, and you'll know when it's time to restock.

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