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Easy Projects for Instant Curb Appeal

June 11, 2015 — 2 min read

Adding curb appeal to your home doesn't need to be expensive. There are lots of small projects you can accomplish in a weekend or two to give your home a quick facelift. Here are a few of our favorites: Paint a pop of color on your front door. Make your house stand out from your neighbors by picking a bold color that compliments the color of your house. Spruce up your house numbers. Look for numbers in more modern fonts that are made from aluminum or stainless steel. Replace exterior light fixtures. Pick new light fixtures that are fashionable as well as functional. Light fixtures need to adequately light up your entryway so you feel safe coming home after dark. Install flower boxes or place fresh potted plants on the front steps or porch. Fresh flowers add life and color to an otherwise dull exterior. Make sure to plant seasonal flowers for a garden that looks great all year. Manicure your lawn. Get rid of weeds, edge your yard, or even try new green lawn sprays that instantly make your lawn look like it was just planted for a professionally landscaped look. Wash dirt and debris from siding and sidewalks. Blast off dirt with a pressure washer, or use the strongest setting on your garden hose. Be careful around windows and doorways as the pressure washer can remove caulk and other sealants. Make windows sparkle. Clean your windows inside and out. Spray outside windows with a garden hose first, and then sponge them down with vinegar diluted in warm water to protect your plants. Spruce up planter beds. Prune bushes, trim trees, pull weeds and plant fresh flowers to restore beds that have been neglected during the winter months. Adding fresh mulch or bark dust will really liven things up! Ask your Realtor to do a walkthrough. Your Realtor will have ideas on ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers when the time is right for you. For more ideas on how to dress up the exterior of your home, check out "20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal" from Better Homes and Gardens. We like to drop names! Need a contractor, landscaper, roofer or a referral for any other qualified professional? Contact us! We have many amazing resources and are more than happy to share them with you.