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6 Ways You Can Help Your Community Right Now

April 3, 2020 — 4 min read

In times of uncertainty, communities must pull together and support each other in any way we can. In addition to government aid, there are ways we can continue to support the businesses and organizations we love, even if we can't leave our homes.

Order from Local Restaurants

Times are tough for many people, but local restaurants are taking some of the hardest hits. As state orders become stricter, restaurants across the US have been forced to close their doors. The good news is, many local eateries have been able to adapt to this quick shift in business and now offer pick-up or delivery services. While it may be tempting to make a quick run through the drive-thru of your go-to fast-food chain, consider ordering from a local place instead. Delivery apps, such as Postmates and UberEats, offer free delivery from local restaurants and safe drop-offs that minimize human contact.

Buy Gift Cards

If ordering a whole meal or going on an online shopping spree isn't necessarily feasible during this time, consider buying a gift card from your favorite local shop. While many stores have temporarily closed their doors, many sites still have the option to purchase items for delivery or buy an e-gift card. Every dollar counts for the businesses in your community, right now. Get creative with your spending!

Purchase Products Online from Local Shops

As we mentioned above, some stores are only open online. If you're an active Amazon shopper, you could consider researching local businesses that offer similar products. You may end up paying a few extra dollars on the product or receive the item in the mail a few days later that you would usually, but it's the small, temporary changes that will keep your community afloat.

Donate to Local Organizations

This may seem like a given, but local charities and other organizations are losing more than just funding right now. They are also losing donations and volunteers in a time when the need for additional resources and manpower has skyrocketed. So, what can we do? Research, research, research! You may have a skill that is in high demand and still feasible to do at a safe distance. For example, countless hospitals have reached out to seamstresses to make face masks for local nurses and doctors. Schools are in desperate need of virtual tutors. Families on social media are asking for supplies to help keep their loved ones safe and fed. A quick Google search or Facebook status update could connect you with someone in need! If you're looking for an opportunity to serve your community, visit www.volunteermatch.org. PRO TIP: Do you have tickets to an upcoming concert, musical, play, book reading, etc.? You can reject a refund and donate the funds back to the theatre or event center to help keep local arts within your community. Partner with Larger Organizations If you live in a large city that is in greater need than what your local organizations can care for, look to larger, national organizations. The Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, and countless others, have all stepped up to the plate to serve those in need during this health pandemic. If you have additional resources or the ability to give, consider supporting organizations that take care of your community from afar.

Get Creative at Home

We can all serve our communities best by staying at home and limiting our interactions with others. We keep each other safe and healthy by keeping a safe distance at the grocery store, minimizing (if not eliminating) contact with others, and actively washing our hands. There are countless opportunities to be a virtual volunteer, drop-off donations, or buy gift cards to our favorite eateries. That being said, sending an encouraging video to your nurse friends, calling an elderly relative, or having your kids make cards for their teachers are easy to do from the comfort of your home and benefit the community long-term.

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