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Dorm Décor on a Budget

August 9, 2019 — 3 min read

Let's be real. College is anything but cheap. Between rising tuition, outrageous room and board fees, and all the other little things you need to survive college, dorm d?cor is often the last thing you want to spend money on. However, this shouldn't be the case. When you take into consideration the amount of time you'll spend in your (probably tiny) space, you'll realize just how important it is to create a space that you enjoy. You'll study here. Invite friends over. Make some snacks. Get ready for the day. Chill out. So, how can you create such a magnificent suite with a tiny budget and limited space?

Get to Stackin'

Dorm rooms are notoriously small. The key is to take advantage of the space you have. In this case, everything should go UP! Putting your bed on extra-tall risers will create space underneath your bed for storage and help eliminate clutter around your room. Some of the options we've found even have USB ports. (Win.) Risers (with USB ports): $29.99

Create "Space"

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space. You'll likely need a full-length mirror anyway, so you might as well get creative with it! Hang a few circular mirrors as a display, or use square-framed mirrors to sprinkle throughout wall art. Accent Mirror: $25

Color Me Happy

Colors have the ability to alter and improve your mood. Surrounding yourself with color patterns and hues that you enjoy is an easy way to pull a room together. Pick a theme and stick with it or go with a bright bedspread to outshine the rest of the room. Twin XL Patterned Bedspread:$36

Stay Organized

No one wants to hang out in a place littered with trash, dirty clothes, and used dishes. Keep your space tidy with drawer organizers and storage bins. Using clear storage bins works best in places that are already out of eyesight, but you might want to get fabric drawers to hide unwanted clutter. Draw Organizers:$10 Cube Storage Shelves:$28-39

Take a Seat

There's nothing more awkward than inviting someone over and realizing they won't have a place to sit. You can create a warm reading nook or curl up for a movie night with these cozy chairs. Fuzzy Chair:$35

Hang What You Love

Printed pictures are a great way to fill space on your dorm room walls without breaking the bank. Use pictures you've taken, print your favorite quotes, and find cheap art online to complete your look! You can frame each picture or use string to hang them in rows. Your memories won't be far if you start to feel homesick, and you'll decorate fast while staying within your budget. Printed Pictures: .9 cents per picture There are also plenty of ways to decorate your dorm that involve little to no spending at all!
  • Make use of what you already have
  • Ask for donations
  • Thrift shop
  • DIY your own d?cor
  • Start with the basics and buy overtime

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