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Décor Trends You Have to Try

July 12, 2019 — 3 min read

Summertime is here which means it's the perfect time to refresh the d?cor inside and outside your home! From budget-friendly accessories to full room makeovers, this season is all about bright colors and using the space you have. Check out these trends for some redecorating inspiration.

Open Concept Shelving

This design is a perfect way to open up your space and display the items inside your cabinets! (It'll also give you the motivation to give away those bowls you never use.) Simply remove the cabinet doors or consider adding a glass display if you'd still like to have the actual door in place! Our Favorite: IKEA Cabinets are a great option for homeowners looking to make a change on a budget! From glass doors to shelving, IKEA has it all.

Scalloped Chairs

Who doesn't love a fun chair? The shape adds a comforting edge to your living room space, and it would work great in other rooms as well. As for the color, that's up to you! A vibrant color like coral or yellow would bring the summertime feel you're looking for. However, a darker shade would transition the space nicely into the fall months when the time comes. Our Favorite: Wayfair has endless options all at a bargain, including this amazing piece that comes in multiple colors. (Score!)


If you're considering getting rid of your springtime floral d?cor, don't do it yet! Florals are in this summer, and they work great as accessory pieces. From wallpaper to shower curtains, florals can be a fun way to incorporate patterns to normally monotone spaces. Our Favorite: Target is the go-to destination for all things floral (and budget-friendly) this season, including these bath curtains!

String Lights

Warm up your outdoor space with these fun (and trendy) string lights this summer! The warm, ambient glow will compliment any space, especially as the sun begins to set. You can find them in larger sets online, or consider buying just one strand to illuminate a quiet reading nook inside your house. Our Favorite: For shorter strands with a variety of designs, Target has multiple options. For bulk orders, check out Amazon.

Floor Cushions

How fun are these cushions? Our favorite thing about this summertime trend is the fact that they can be used as d?cor, but also as comfy seating in smaller spaces! Perfect even for apartments or kids' bedrooms, you find these cushions in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Pull in a warm, floral pattern for the perfect accent piece! Our Favorite: If you're looking for a unique piece, made perfect for your space, check out Etsy.


Have you seen this trend yet? Relatively new to mainstream design, these accent pieces are a boho-chic dream! Use this knotted textile as wall d?cor in almost any room of your house. Our Favorite: Go BIG with this Macram? piece from Pottery Barn, or this one from Etsy.

Long Curtains

One of the cheapest design changes you can make to your home this summer is letting the light in! Push back your curtains, or better yet, replace them floor length designs. The additional length makes the window seem bigger. (Lighter colors help with this as well!) Our Favorite: These curtains from Home Depot will look great by themselves, or underneath a darker color in the fall. No matter what trend you decide to follow this summer, changing up a few elements of your home can be refreshing and beneficial.

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