Review on Toni Dassance

Francisco G
Posted on August 1st, 2014

Want to be with the Best? Jus call Toni, no other office in our area does what they do there, my experiences with Toni’s office is 100% closing, once I get a contract with her office I know is going to close, they work all those details before they give you the pre-approval to make sure you know your honest qualification and give you the confidence that once you start paying for inspections etc you’re investing on a property that is going to be yours, Toni has no limits, she’s available late and weekends so we can get mortgage payments estimates before you write your offer and be ahead of the competition by not waiting until the next business day, by the time other buyers (with other lenders) are getting pre-approved you already have an approve offer on that very specific property you like because you were able to get what’s needed without waiting until the next business day. That’s what it take in today’s market, be ahead of the competition.

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