Review on Kristina Hubbard, CMA

Kylie R A
Posted on January 4th, 2022

Some associates were more helpful, but Lisa created aftificial crisis situations. We waited to deposit the gift money check and everything else after being told there was a correct order to do that stuff. By not informing us of the correct timing for depositing the gift money until it was too late to simply deposit the check we were forced to pay additional fees in the form of a cashiers check. She called to tell us that a cashiers would need to be taken care of asap (as in the next day) since we had waited too long to deposit the check on December 27th, but then sent an email giving instructions for the despositing the check and what you guys would need from that transaction AFTER the call saying it was too late. She stressed that it would need to be done the next day if at all possible and that she would have the account info for the money transfer by the next morning. By 8 am the next morning we hadn't heard from her and my mother, who was gifting the money, was waiting to comply and send it ASAP. After calling Lisa it became clear that she had not contact the title company in order to get the account info sent over. After my mother talked to the title company they explained this transaction wasn't expected until Wednesday, December 29th and that there was no reason to rush to transfer the money any sooner than the 29th. I am highly disappointed with this specific interaction, as I feel she failed to send an email explaining the gift check in a timely manner and ultimately cost us $25 extra dollars. At other points Lisa made getting documents filled out, signed, or sent over seem extremely important, like they had to be done the same day the request was made, only to then be told pac res would compile and evaluate these forms days later - once again, creating what seem to be artificial crisis and extra stress for us.

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