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Review on Mike Chinn

Maria Rosario A
Posted on July 22nd, 2023

Michael was and is the whole package. Not only is he an extremely good communicator, the guy is one of the most pleasantly genuine persons that i have met on this journey. Very professional, he asked questions and collected from me all the information that he needed to be able to offer me multiple options that would work for my needs. He was such a great help when i needed to write letters of explanations to the underwriters on things that happened in the past. Worth mentioning here was when he did a re-score because he felt that i deserved one for all the hard work i have done to improve my credit health. I closed on a timely manner and this was because Michael believed that i was worthy of the mortgage rate that he locked for me and of course, i deserved that beautiful house i fought hard for. I experienced minor issues during this house purchase journey and Michael was always there for me sorting things out and even reaching out to the right avenue for re-confirmation. He was readily available for me when i needed to ask questions (and i am the worst person when stressing, calling him late and even on weekends). He would also text or call me when i needed updates. Overall, my house journey became an unforgettable, positive experience because Michael delivered with a service that was just top-notch. Michael is special who exemplifies excellence. I would never ever work with any other lender in my future because of this positive experience.

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