Review on Pamela Hoffine-Hurd, CMA

Chad L V
Posted on October 12th, 2022

I was out of the workforce for years. My wife helped me get through rehabilitation from a work injury and get into college. In my last term my parents passed away leaving my elder disabled sister in need of a place. My wife and I started looking for a home. With rent climbing it made more sense to try and get into a home. We got in contact with and she guided us. We were not ready in any way but she still treated us with respect and told us the steeps we needed to achieve in order to get into a home. Covid hit and slowed everthing down, but I still managed to get full-time work. Aftet being at work for a couple of years we were ready. Pamela kept in contact the whole time and when the time came to get it going she got us in contact with a great realtor, Mike Howe, and he helped us find the right place for us. Pamela assembled a great team that made the whole process smooth and seamless. I honestly can't say enough about how easy Pamela, her team and the other entities she chose to work with made the whole process a pleasure, THANK YOU!

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