Review on Magda Moor, CMA

Rebecca T B
Posted on January 22nd, 2022

As a first time buyer, I needed a full education on the whole purchase process, because I knew nothing going in. My advisor, Magda took me under her wing & broke-down the most basic principals without judgement or bias. Almost immediately, I knew this person was 100% on my side & I could trust her to give me real truths about each situation. Throughout the entire process she was ALWAYS available to offer clarity & calm to everything that came up. It’s clear that Magda has a wealth of knowledge & is eager to share with her clients, so they are most equipped to make the best choice for themselves. I feel so lucky to have been referred to her & I want to tell everyone I know, that if you’re buying a home, you want Magda Moor on your team!

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