Review on Venessa Eck

Paul C
Posted on March 9th, 2022

There are two primary areas that I will remember about this process. The first is unexplained discrepancies with numbers - from initial estimates to final numbers. My wife was the one that called in about it. I was perhaps more blindly following along than I should have, and my wife caught this variance - my hope would be that the experts that I am relying on would be the ones who would see and understand why the numbers would show up differently, and give me the heads up. I would hope that my Mortgage advisor would catch something that would easily have broken my wife and I. I don't feel it was noticed at all. The second would be missing documents - my mother offered a gift for a down payment. Here we are ready to walk into the signing when I hear that she hasn't sent in the appropriate documents. Again, I'm not sure why there wasn't communication about this till it was suddenly the last possible moment. I'm not even sure whom I should be holding responsible for this. All I can say, what started off as a smooth comfortable process ended with me being frustrated, slightly confused and extremely rushed.

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