Review on Rodd Miller, CMA

Lori Lee G
Posted on June 3rd, 2023

As I mentioned in my previous reply, and which Rodd knows in detail: 1) The appraisal was received on 5/16/23, but issues about it were not prioritized until less than 24 hrs before the signing date, which resulted in a delay in closing. This had a cascade effect since the very elderly sellers were doing a concurrent close on their new property, and starting construction work this week as well. The construction work has been delayed, which means they don't move in at the expected date, and thus we will be delayed taking possession as well. I don't know how that also will affect the sellers of THEIR property, and so on down the line. There is no excuse for this delay, and it seemed blame was placed on the appraiser to obfuscate the fact that this never would have happened had priority been made on making sure everything was in place at the right times. While this was not Rodd's fault and I sincerely appreciated the efforts to get this done, the fact that this was avoidable I feel was swept under the rug and minimized. 2) The underwriter asked for documentation that he had weeks to ask for, unrelated to the close date change. The fact that he "miscounted" the days is unacceptable - this is what he and the PRM team do every day. 3) The underwriter contacted my office and said to my employee "The owner of the business is getting a loan so we need to verify the business is open". This disclosure about my obtaining a loan was unnecessary and unprofessional - there are a thousand ways to verify the business without disclosure of private information. Rodd said, "I don't know how to respond to that" which made me feel like he felt my frustration at this was out of line. 4) The underwriter contacted the title company the morning of the original signing asking about HOA fees when it was clear from documentation there was no HOA. Clearly this is minor, but collectively indicted to me that there was no priority placed on doing the required due diligence in a timely manner. This only supports the fact that he waited until literally the 11th hour to act on the issues found on the appraisal. Ive worked with Rodd for like 24 years and he is a great guy, very responsive and always has been professional. This experience was extremely unpleasant, wasted my very valuable time as well as those of many others, caused undue stress on myself and others, jeopardized the deal (the sellers could have legally walked away), and it was just incredibly disappointing given my other stellar experiences with Rodd. I don't blame him and I know he did his best to rectify the situation, but I was also disappointed in how I ended up feeling unsupported in my frustration of the PRM team itself, and that blame was continuously placed on the appraiser when in fact the UW was the source of the problem from the beginning. I have not been made to feel that true efforts to make amends for this terrible transaction will happen, nor will any changes be made such that it doesn't happen again, such as any consequences to the UW Dave Johnson.

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