Day 1 Certainty: What to Expect

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There was a time when everything during the mortgage process was done on paper – sometimes delaying getting a home loan. Thanks to Day 1 Certainty ®, those days are behind us. By automating the pre-verification process, Day 1 Certainty ® streamlines getting a mortgage.

Here’s what borrowers can expect:

  • An Easier Documentation Process: Day 1 Certainty ® saves time when you consent to have your documentation verified electronically instead of collecting paper documents like pay stubs, bank statements, and investment account statements.
  • Streamlined Processing:  Electronic verification reduces the time it takes to process your loan.
  • Streamlined Underwriting: Key loan data is verified up front, so we can have more certainty that your income and asset calculations are accurate. This confirms that the validated components meet our guidelines.
  • Process Efficiencies: No reverification required for assets, income, and/or employment.

We are continually striving to give our customer’s a better experience and this helps us do that. We use this program to provide freedom to our borrowers and speed up the mortgage journey.

Day 1 Certainty ® simplifies getting a mortgage so that you can get into the home of your dreams sooner rather than later!

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