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delays in closing during tax season

Potential Delays in Closing During Tax Season

With tax season in full swing, many of your clients are working to collect, organize and file their 2016 tax returns. Because final tax information must be received before final… [read more]

prepaid items and closing costs

The Difference Between Prepaid Items and Closing Costs

As real estate professionals, we understand all of the fees which are a part of a home transaction. But first-time buyers have never been through this experience before, and need… [read more]

hidden costs for first-time buyers

Hidden Costs for First-time Buyers

There are many things home buyers learn throughout their first home buying experience. Much shock and disappointment could be avoided if buyers understood the additional expenses which come along when buying… [read more]

Factors that affect interest rates

6 Basic Factors that Affect Interest Rates

For most potential homeowners obtaining a low interest rate is of utmost importance. After all, the lower the interest rate, the lower their total monthly payment. But how is an… [read more]

NHF Sapphire Program

NHF Sapphire Program

At Pacific Residential Mortgage (PRM), we understand the unique financial challenges many of our customers face. Therefore we supply programs which help support our borrowers working through those challenges. The… [read more]