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Student Loans

Student Loan Cash-out Refinance

We have some exciting news to share with anyone who has student loans, and may be looking to refinance their home! There is a new program available at PRM called… [read more]

FHA Advantages

Unique FHA Advantages

Help Your Client Get the House they Want – Not the House They Think They Can Afford In this seller’s market, every dollar of negotiating power counts. Not every client… [read more]

Avoid killing a USDA Loan

Two Tips to Avoid Killing Your Client’s USDA Loan

USDA financing offers a fabulous opportunity for borrowers who want to minimize their down payment requirements. The program offers 100% financing, which means the borrower only needs to supply enough… [read more]

avoiding a low appraisal

Avoiding a Low Appraisal

In this upcoming spring housing market, home buying is growing even more competitive. Rising home values and a lack of inventory in some markets are setting sellers up to receive… [read more]

pre-qualification and pre-approval

Mortgage Myth: Pre-qualification and Pre-approval are the Same

Pre-qualification and Pre-approval For home buyers, knowing how much home they can afford should be their first step in the home buying process. Without knowing their budget, how could they… [read more]