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Millennials and Mortgages

As the majority of the millennial generation become adults, they are being discussed more and more in regards to work/spending habits, and group ideals. They are the generation who will… [read more]

co-borrower or co-signer

Co-Borrower or Co-signer …That is the Question

Not everyone can be approved for a home loan on their own. Whether it’s due to poor credit, lack of credit, a high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio or a foreclosure/short sale,… [read more]

Speak the Mortgage Language

One complaint we hear from first-time buyers and even from repeat buyers is that mortgage terms can be hard to understand. It is completely understandable that someone who doesn’t spend… [read more]

Low and No Down Payment Mortgage Options

Low and No Down Payment Mortgage Options

Low and no down payment options are intensely sought after by first-time homebuyers, as it takes little money to invest in the purchase of their first home. PRM has many… [read more]

FHA Mortgage Insurance Reduction

HUD Suspends FHA Mortgage Insurance Reduction

Effective immediately, the FHA Mortgage Insurance Reduction, which was scheduled to begin on January 27, 2017 has been “suspended indefinitely.” This change will affect all FHA loans except for Single… [read more]