How PRM Protects Clients Against Cybercrime

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Last week we discussed ways you can help protect your client from malicious hackers. In light of recent ransomware attacks sweeping across the globe, protecting your customer’s personal information is necessary for every business. PRM makes cyber security a top priority, with cutting edge technology and effective strategies to protect your clients from destructive attacks.

The biggest security threat for every company, large or small, is its own employees.

PRM engages in continuous, rigorous end-user training to make sure that our employees don’t unknowingly compromise our systems. All it takes is one person to open a suspicious email for thousands of customer records to become compromised. We also engage in a robust quarterly audit to ensure departments are complying with IT recommendations. If your lender of choice doesn’t actively teach its employees to recognize threats, they are putting you and your client at risk.

We triple protect our systems.

Using top of the line security software, we have three layers of protection between hackers and your client’s information. As a result, it’s incredibly difficult for criminals to find a way inside. If your lender is relying on just one or two methods of protection, unfortunate consequences could occur.

We distribute information on a need-to-know basis only.

Our company is highly specialized and department access is compartmentalized. This means if a hacker were to find access to PRM’s network, they would be very limited in what they could access before our IT specialists became aware of the issue. Not even the owners of the company have the power to access every system. Companies which give blanket access to critical information can open the door for criminals to step through and take whatever information they want.

We comply with all Federal and State IT regulations for mortgage companies.

Most people don’t even know IT departments at mortgage companies have regulations they need to follow, but they do. Failing to comply with the law means your client’s data may be at risk. PRM takes proactive measures to protect everyone.

Cleaning up identity theft can take years; and some information can never be private again. If your preferred lender isn’t thinking strategically about how to deal with today’s technological threats, you may want to urge them to reconsider.

If you have more questions about this issue, or have other mortgage needs, please feel free to contact PRM at your earliest convenience. As always, we are here to serve!

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