PRM Means Efficiency

August 28, 2017 By

At PRM, we strive to create a simple, straightforward, efficient approval process for every client. How do we do that? Our underwriting department maintains modern, up-to-date policies which reflect the needs of the marketplace without bogging our clients down in mountains of red-tape.

How Does PRM Make an Efficient Loan Process?

We know your clients’ time is important, and every minute before closing counts to meet precious and important deadlines. Our loan officers strive to communicate documentation needs upfront to avoid bothering borrowers for unnecessary information. Our underwriters work hard to ensure that any conditional documentation required for approval is truly necessary for loan approval.

Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have reduced their qualification and documentation requirements for borrowers over the past few years. PRM keeps in step with the industry by tailoring our requirements to the needs of these agencies by following AUS results. This means a more efficient, less stressful experience for your clients; less paperwork, fewer questions, and more approvals! Your closing won’t be delayed by surprise overlays on in-house loans creeping up at the last minute, or confusing, outdated guidelines which slow the process down. And because our underwriters all base their approvals on a universal standard, this means our results are consistent and reliable. We know that in the real estate industry, no one likes surprises.

If you have a client in need that could benefit from streamlined, efficient, consistent underwriting, give me a call! We are here to meet your lending needs.

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