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Overcoming Changes in Today’s Mortgage Lending Market – Eric Wiley

These days, mortgage lending faces all kinds of new requirements and regulations, but does that mean there are fewer home loans available to consumers? It’s true that each loan file… [read more]

Condo Certifications

Condo Certifications

Since the housing bubble burst, tighter restrictions have been implemented on condo financing. Many lenders suffered their biggest losses from defaults on condominium loans. These restrictions include higher interest rates… [read more]

Renting your home

Renting Offers Underwater Homeowners a New Opportunity

A strange new phenomenon is happening in the housing market; underwater homeowners are moving up into larger homes by renting their current homes. Homeowners wanting to move up and build… [read more]

The Key to a Great Sales Call

Trying to nail an important sales call? Here are some tips on how to leave a lasting positive first impression that makes you stand out from the crowd. Ask what… [read more]

Using an Employment Contract as Qualifying Income

Clients relocating for work often want to use their future job salaries to qualify for and close on a home mortgage, so they can get settled before they start their new jobs…. [read more]