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Five Ways to Protect Your Clients Against Cybercrime

We live in a fast technological age of convenience where our clients can perform nearly every step of their home buying process by computer, phone, or tablet. However, there are… [read more]

Fannie Mae

Top 5 Takeaways from Fannie Mae

June brings lots of good news for your clients! This month Fannie Mae announced several big changes that could ease qualification requirements for borrowers. This means more of your clients… [read more]


A Peek Inside the PRM Bank

Underwriters are a critical piece in the mortgage process, as they are the one who will approve or deny a loan. They prepare detailed analyses of the loan package and… [read more]


How to Avoid Marketing Compliance Blunders

The CFPB’s recent action against Zillow speaks volumes about the mortgage industry’s regulatory atmosphere when it comes to advertising compliance. With costly fines and other serious penalties for marketing rule… [read more]


USDA Increases Income Limits

As of 5/31/2017, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has increased maximum income limitations across the nation. This is great news for your clients, as now more potential borrowers will… [read more]