Make “One Day” Today!

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See where just One Day can take you in the mortgage process!

Do you dream of owning a home “one day,” but get stuck believing that buying a home is only for wealthy people with a lot of time to devote to the home buying process?

There’s no doubt that some parts of the loan process take several days, like waiting for an appraisal report, or the federally regulated “cooling off period” before a loan can close. However, there are also parts that can be handled in only one day!

Let’s walk through the parts of the loan application and approval process which we can accomplish together in just one day.

You Don’t Have to Wait for “One Day”

It should take you approximately one day to gather your documentation and complete a loan application with one of our experienced mortgage bankers. Here’s a list of the type of documentation you’ll be asked to provide—check with your mortgage banker first, as there are options to save time and provide some of this documentation electronically via 3rd party verifications:


  • You’ll grant us permission to pull a copy of your credit report.
  • If you have had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other significant credit events, you will need to provide documentation for that, such as an explanation and a copy of the bankruptcy paperwork.

Employment & Income:

  • Most recent paystubs covering one month.
  • Most recent W2 statements for last two years.
  • If self-employed or using rental income from other properties owned, you’ll be asked to provide the most recent 1 to 2 years of tax returns.

Assets (proof of where your down payment and funds to close came from):

  • Most recent 2 months of bank statements.
  • If using stocks, bonds, or retirement accounts, provide the most recent quarterly statement.

Signed Disclosures:

  • After completing your loan application, your mortgage banker will send you a link to electronically sign your loan application and applicable disclosures. If you prefer, you can also set up an appointment to meet in person to sign your paperwork.

You Don’t Have to Wait for “One Day”

Upon receipt of your documentation and signed paperwork, your loan will be submitted to our underwriting department for review and approval.

It will take the underwriter approximately one business day to review your loan application and documentation. Then they will issue your preliminary loan approval if there are no problems or questions about your documentation.

There are certainly aspects of the home financing process that are outside of anyone’s control. But we work hard to make the things within our control quick and easy. You have the ability to submit documentation without delay, and go home shopping in one day!

Make “one day,” today with PRM.  Contact us to get started on turning your dream of “one day” into a home-ownership reality today!

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