4 Ways PRM Can Help Realtors Sell More Homes

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Realtors and mortgage lenders work better together because both roles bring a specific set of skills and knowledge to their clients. Partnering with a mortgage lender like PRM can help increase business in multiple ways. Here’s how:

1. Referrals Increase Business

Referrals are the largest source of new and returning business. In fact, more real estate sales come from previous clients, friends, family, and personal contacts. The most successful way to drive referral business is by providing five-star customer service from start to finish. By partnering with one of PRM’s trusted mortgage bankers, borrowers can confidently know they will be guided through the home buying process smoothly.

By partnering with PRM, borrowers receive:

  • Solid pre-approvals for better negotiating power
  • Timely and transparent communication throughout the entire process
  • A smooth home buying process
  • Follow-up after the process is complete

2. Marketing Support

Most potential homebuyers start their search online, and a strong online presence is key to the growth of any realtor’s business. PRM’s online presence shows just how top-notch our service is and our marketing materials reflect that. Whether it’s co-branding on a home listing flyer or providing clear communication through email, partnering with PRM is a win for realtors and borrowers.

When partnering with PRM, you’ll have the opportunity to co-brand:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Personalized and informational videos
  • Open house support and promotion
  • Co-hosted client events
  • Brochures, flyers, postcards, and more

3. Fast and Thorough Pre-Approvals

PRM dives deep into a borrower’s finances for a trustworthy and thorough pre-approval. A pre-approval from PRM shows a buyer’s capability of buying a home and adds extra assurance to the seller that the sale will not fall through.

With a PRM Pre-Approval, borrowers have:

  • An accurate home buying budget
  • Better negotiating power
  • Strong communication with all parties
  • PRM contacts the listing agent on their behalf to reinforce the strength of our pre-approval
  • A pre-approval tailored to a specific property

4. A Range of Loan Options

Our professional mortgage bankers know how to tailor a mortgage to fit your borrower’s needs. Whether a first-time or seasoned home buyer, together we can find the right option for your clients.

PRM Loan Programs Include:

Partnering with PRM is a great way to grow your business. Let us show the value we bring to you and your client. Contact us today!

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