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Meet Brooke Baugher, CMA

Brooke Baugher, CMA

Sr. Mortgage Advisor



9601 W. State Street, Suite #108

Boise, ID 83714

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What is a Certified Mortgage Advisor?

Why Choose a Certified Mortgage Advisor?

As a Certified Mortgage Advisor, I have been extensively trained in all aspects of mortgage-backed securities, treasuries, and bonds. I provide a hands-on client experience that allows me to fully assess a client's financial picture, understand their future goals, and design a mortgage product to meet those needs.

Personal Wealth Creation

As a CMA, my role is to help clients understand how to use mortgage debt to build sustainable lifelong wealth. I pride myself in assisting clients in creating wealth and retirement strategies that can help them better understand the time value of money and make sure they are on the right path to reach their financial goals.

You're in Good Hands

I take a customized approach to every transaction. We take the necessary time to educate and advise on the multiple loan products available. After identifying mortgage strategies, we educate each scenario's pros and cons and help determine the best loan option to help achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

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Eagle, an affluent suburb near Boise, has grown quickly over the years. It offers amenities and attractions galore, including golf courses, wineries, shopping centers, and the region’s largest waterpark.

In downtown Boise—a 15-minute drive northwest—you can take in some of the state’s best culture, dining and nightlife venues. There’s also access to some of Idaho’s most important historical sites, such as Old Idaho Penitentiary, the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, and the Oregon Trail Memorial Bridge.

For nature lovers, there are many different hiking and cycling trails to enjoy along the foothills of the Boise Range or along the banks of the Boise River.